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Melvin Snyder, M.D.,

Nosrat Nabavi, M.D.

Bob Shafa, M.D.

Continuing the neurosurgical tradition of Drs. Papatheodorou and Mosso, Melvin Snyder, M.D., joined the Southland Neurosurgical Medical Group in 1977, followed by Nosrat (Nick) Nabavi, M.D. in 1980 and David Morgan, M.D. in 1982. Following the retirements of Dr. Papatheodorou in 1980 and Dr. Mosso in 1984, and with the addition of Stanley Goodman, M.D. in 1997, the Southland Neurosurgical Medical Group became The Institute of Brain and Spine Surgery. After the retirement of Dr. Goodman in 2001, Drs.Snyder, Nabavi, and Morgan continued the same tradition of carefully thought-out, comprehensive, and state of the art care to the South Bay community. Dr. Shafa has joined the group in 2014 continuing the tradition.